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Your Success is Our Success

Your Success is Our Success

Rick Talbot

Director of Operations

Meet Rick…

Rick is responsible for improving Lasso’s sales operations and assisting with the evolution of our Consulting Services. With a venerable history of managing large systems and teams, Rick is adaptive, flexible and skilled at relating technical skills in a business context. He is originally from Ottawa, Ontario, grew up in northern Alberta, and has lived in Vancouver since the mid-80s.

In his own words…

What is one word that describes Lasso? Responsive

What’s your favorite feature about Lasso? The Media Spend report. Lasso’s Media Spend functionality tracks the number of registrants and purchasers for each marketing spend category – providing insight into what is working well, and more importantly, what isn’t. It’s a powerful tool to assess the effectiveness of each of the media buys and allows marketing professionals to adjust their future purchases to drive the best return on investment. Media Spend alone could cost justify the use of Lasso many times over.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Lasso Team? We work well together and we’re focused on helping our clients. I’m really proud of everyone in R&D. They are constantly being challenged with complex issues, continuously learning and adapting to an ever-changing technology landscape, and are passionately committed to making remarkable software. I’m equally proud of all of our team members, who strive every day to provide our clients with caring expert services and support.

Rick has…

Been involved in hiring half of Lasso’s employees.
Cycled to work eight months of the year since moving to Vancouver, and as of four years ago, he no longer owns a car.
A favorite Lasso story: Andrew C. and Hawk have known one another since grade two!

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