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Your Success is Our Success

Your Success is Our Success

Dave Clements



Meet Dave…

From the early 80’s, Dave’s work passion has been technology. Since the mid 90’s, it’s been all about leveraging software and the Internet to help frontline marketing, sales, and service teams achieve better results. Dave has great admiration for homebuilders, and is proud to serve each of our clients who have put their faith in us to deploy Lasso CRM on 1,000’s of projects and communities worldwide. Building long-term relationships with our clients and alliance partners, and having the opportunity to lead the team at Lasso has been the most fun and enjoyable endeavor of his career.

In his own words…

What’s your favorite feature about Lasso? Each and every one that makes our users’ jobs easier and, ultimately, helps them to sell more homes.

What is one word that describes Lasso? Game-changer.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Lasso Team? Two things above all else: earning the trust of our clients and working with a group of really talented people who all are, or aspire to be, linchpins in our success.

Dave is a…

Sports enthusiast
Big-time Bruce Springsteen fan

Watch Dave explain how the biggest differentiator in the home building industry today is customer service…

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