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    Better Lead Management

    Lasso makes the lead management process easier by removing manual data entry and automating follow-up tasks.

    With Lasso you can:

    • Accept lead registrations from a variety of sources
    • Automate tasks so you’ll never forget
    • Leverage powerful prospect ratings for more efficient lead follow-up
    • Target prospects more effectively by segmenting your database
    • Gain insights into your leads with prospect alerts and website tracking

    Learn how Lasso makes it easier to capture and manage all your leads.

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    "Lasso is my whole job! It drives what I do each day. I couldn't live without it!"

    Lindsey Smith
    Online Sales Coordinator/Leader, CBH Homes

    Capture every lead, and you’ve already won

    Never lose another lead. Accept lead registrations from virtually any source.

    • Your website
    • Syndication sites (Zillow, Trulia, New Home Source, etc)
    • Model home visitors
    • Tablets & smart phones

    Your wrists and fingers will thank you.

    • Connect registration forms to Lasso, and eliminate the need for manual data entry.
    • Respond faster with all of the prospect’s contact information at your fingertips.

    You’ll never forget again, because you don’t have to remember.

    • An organized system allows you to focus on what matters - the prospect.
    • Tasks and activities are automated. You'll receive notifications when it's time to follow up.

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    Lead Delivery

    Intelligent lead delivery

    Proactive alerts let you know when prospects register.

    • We’ll send your prospect an instant response, and your sales team an instant alert so they can reach out quickly.
    • There is no need to pull a report to find your new prospects.

    Rotate delivery of your prospects at will.

    • Round robin rotations
    • Understand how your prospects found you.
    • Copy a manager, or team member as needed.

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    Powerful prospect rating and segmentation

    Put first things first.

    • Prioritize your team's time and energy on those prospects most likely to convert.
    • Use standardized ratings to keep prospects organized, or personalize them to match your company's terminology and processes.

    Slice and dice.

    • Segment your prospects by any metric to allow for more personal marketing and follow-up.
    • Use custom segments to spot trends in prospect registrations and activity.

    See the entire picture.

    • Review the number of prospects for each rating type to forecast your sales.
    • Track a prospect’s rating changes over time to determine the best next step.
    • View missed opportunities with ratings for those who purchased from the competition.

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    Prospect Segmentation

    Our lead intelligence will give you an edge

    Knowledge is power

    • Gain insights into the unique interests of each prospect every time they visit your website.
    • See how frequently they are visiting your site, and which pages they are viewing.
    • Personalize your follow-up by leveraging content related to what they are viewing.

    The next evolution in email marketing

    • Go beyond merely tracking delivery, open rates, or click through rates.
    • Alert your team in real time when a prospect returns to your site via an email link.
    • Connect with your prospects while they are still on your site for increased conversions.

    Hold your marketing dollars accountable.

    • Pinpoint which media delivers the best leads by source or publication.
    • Improve your future advertising plans by reviewing historical data.
    • Reallocate budgets quickly to minimize your cost per lead and cost per sale.

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    Lead Intelligence

    Dynamic 'smart lists' allow for advanced follow up


    Effortlessly run and save prospect lists matching any criteria you choose.

    • Each team member can easily create and share custom ‘smart lists’ that match their own workflow.
    • Lists can be added to the dashboard with the click of a button for easy access.
    • Lists are automatically updated when a prospect's criteria is changed for easy organization.

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    Social Integration

    Your prospects are real people. We’ll help your team see them that way.

    • We’ll search for any social media profiles that match the prospect’s contact information.
    • Results are displayed directly on the prospect’s profile.

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