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    Follow up faster. Follow up smarter.

    Follow Up Faster with the right CRM

    Fully automated follow-up processes allow for faster responses and higher conversions.

    Convenient dashboard alerts remind you of next steps. Set it and forget it.

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    Flexible enough to adapt to any scenario

    Create multiple follow-up structures for various situations, then apply them to any prospect at any time.

    Start, stop, add, or remove activities intuitively based on your prospects' responses.

    Customize reminders and activities as needed.

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    Personalized email marketing templates


    Design templates for every sales process to deliver unique messages, while keeping your branding intact.

    • Newsletter templates
    • 1-to-1 templates
    • REALTOR® templates
    • Event templates
    • Announcement templates
    • Grand opening templates
    • Walk-in traffic templates

    Add a personal touch to each email by automatically including prospect information, like first name.

    Full HTML source code is available for technical users.

    Never lose your place in the conversation with your prospects.

    • Automatically archive email communication (Outlook, Gmail, or video email) even when not sent via Lasso CRM.
    • No copying, pasting, or transcribing needed.
    • No matter when you last heard from your prospect, you’ll have a record of where the conversation left off.

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    Designed with your ENTIRE sales team in mind

    Create separate integrated sales processes for your online and on-site sales teams.

    Your Online Sales Counselor (OSC) will feel right at home.

    • Everything your OSC needs is at his or her fingertips.
    • Easily follow up with thousands of unique prospects per month.
    • Online sales is not an “add on,” but a fully integrated and powerful core component of Lasso CRM.

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