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  • The Right CRM for Online Sales

    Choose Lasso CRM for your Online Sales Program

    Lasso is custom-built for home builders and developers, and provides your online sales team with an easy way to follow up with hundreds of new prospects every month, while also routinely and proactively reaching out to older leads. 

    With Lasso CRM, your online sales team can:

    Create targeted follow-up processes that are automatically triggered by pre-defined criteria.

    Get alerts to call or email prospects, along with summaries of past communication.

    Set appointments for multiple team members across projects or communities.

    Handle a large volume of leads more efficiently--the right CRM allows anyone to function at maximum capacity.

    Stay in touch with thousands of people wherever they are in the sales process while being organized and efficient.

    Lasso CRM makes it easier for your online sales team to create appointments and develop effective follow-up sales processes so you can sell more homes...faster and more profitably.


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    Cori Masters Online Sales Counselor Testimonial

    Cori Masters Royal Oaks Homes Testimonial

    What Our Customers Say

    Helping home builders and developers grow their business for more than a decade, Lasso can help your online sales team manage leads more efficiently. 

    Barbara DiBrito, Online Advisor for Keystone Custom Homes, discusses how she sets up to 100 appointments a month using Lasso's follow-up process.

    Nanette Overly, VP of Sales & Marketing at Epcon Communities, discusses how Epcon's Online Sales Counselor converts 50% of appointments to contract using Lasso.

    Carol Delk, Internet Sales Consultant for Holiday Builders, explains how Lasso is her cyber secretary, allowing her to track and follow-up daily with over 4,000 leads.

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    Convert More Online Leads to Appointments

    On average it takes seven touches, or contacts, to trigger one response from a prospect. That’s a lot of calling and emailing--and your onsite team can’t do it alone.

    With an online sales team, you can follow up with all of your leads and enjoy the following:

    Immediate response that will increase your conversion rate

    Unbiased qualification that speeds up home search

    Continual follow-up that builds trust before initial appointment

    A focus on setting appointments that accelerates the sales process


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