Fresh Perspectives 2014

7 Breakthrough Sales & Marketing Webinars

April-July 2014

Lasso CRM presents Fresh Perspectives, a webinar series geared exclusively to new home sales agents, managers and executives. Twelve notable members of NAHB's Professional Women in Building lend their expertise and experience to a full range of topics, from web design to architectural planning.

This webinar series is the first of its kind and a must-attend for anyone in the building industry. To the right is the kick-off webinar with Carol Morgan and Meredith Oliver, "Your Website: The Center of Your Marketing Strategy".


Meredith Oliver & Carol Morgan
Your Website: The Center of Your Marketing Strategy (April 2014)

Kerry Mulcrone & Mollie Elkman
Branding "Matters" to HER (April 2014)

Amy O'Connor
5 Ways to Dynamically Differentiate Your Sales Presentation (May 2014)

Alicia Huey & Amy Martino
The View: Homebuilding in 2014 from the Women's Perspective (May 2014)

Linda Hebert & Kelly Fink
Wowing and Winning Over Women with Product Design (June 2014)

Kimberly Mackey
Selling By Design: Part 1 (June 2014)

Jane Meagher
Selling By Design Part 2: Stop Thinking Like a Builder (July 2014)