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  • CRM for Sales and Marketing Agencies

    Manage Multiple Builders More Efficiently

    From pre-sale to close, Lasso CRM is there to keep your sales and marketing teams organized so you can manage all your builders' projects more efficiently.

    Manage multiple builders using one CRM.

    Sell more homes faster with easier lead management and segmentation

    Streamline buyer management

    Keep track of available inventory and customer contracts.

    Whether it's one builder or 100, with Lasso you can stay on top of lead and contract details for all your builders throughout the pre-sale process.

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    Real Estate CRM to Manage Your Leads Through the Funnel

    Capture Pre-Launch Leads – from Every Source

    Automatically input leads from your website, Zillow, New Homes Guide, BDX and more.

    Build Your REALTOR® database first to reach exponentially more leads.

    Carry over buyers and prospects from one project to the next.

    Connect registration forms to Lasso, and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

    Respond faster with all of the prospect’s contact information at your fingertips.


    Manage All Your Builders with One CRM

    Each builder's leads are contained in their own project so leads never crossover or shared across other communities

    Provide traffic reports for each builder to show ROI for marketing initiatives

    Automate Follow-up - Let Your CRM do the Work

    Automate Follow up

    Create automatic sales and marketing processes to convert more leads to sales.

    Follow up with every pre-sale lead with minimal manpower.

    Evaluate interest level through email opens and website analytics.

    Organize your team with Lasso and focus on what matters - the prospect.

    Automate tasks and activities. You'll receive notifications when it's time to follow up.

    Segment Your Database

    Segment lists and target groups with relevant information.

    Tap into your interest list for the next community launch.

    Drive action through CRM data. Details make a difference.

    Segment your prospects by any metric to allow for more personal marketing and follow-up.

    Use custom segments to spot trends in prospect registrations and activity.

    Segment Database

    Inventory and Contract Management

    Inventory Management

    Keep track of inventory availability

    Generate contracts automatically with your customer's information filled in.

    Manage every step of the purchase process.

    Track deposit amounts and payments scheduled without the need for any extra accounting software.



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    Streamline Buyer Management

    Eliminate ‘spreadsheet mania’, reduce costly errors, and save time and money by accessing a single CRM database to view and track all:

    deal activity




    Use Lasso to Prepare all purchaser activity, broker assignments, deposits due, escrow amounts, and payment information.

    Automatically populate professional contracts to present to your purchasers and to create options & upgrade packages that maximize revenue and profit potential. Plus, keep important documents in one place for easy reference with digital storage of floor plans, images, contracts and amendments.

    sales handoff

    What Our Customers Say

    Helping home builders and developers grow their business for more than a decade, Lasso can help your online sales team manage leads more efficiently. 


    Melanie Briggs, Sales Director for MAC Marketing Solutions in Vancouver, describes how Lasso is the company's largest organizational system, and how it fosters the relationship between marketing and sales. Over the last 10 years, MAC has managed over 100 developer projects using Lasso CRM.

    Adam Brunning, Sales and Marketing Director for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, discusses how his sales team uses Lasso to convert not only A prospects, but B, C and even D prospects.

    Look Who Uses Lasso CRM

    Lasso CRM is used by sales and marketing agencies to sell condos and townhomes faster. Get organized and stay connected with your prospects, clients, and realtors.