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  • CRM for Real Estate Developers

    Sell More Condos and Townhomes Faster

    From pre-sale to close, Lasso CRM is there to keep your sales and marketing teams organized. Sales, marketing and inventory management—all in one CRM.

    Lasso helps you sell more condos and townhomes faster:

    • Capture your pre-sale online leads from every source.
    • Follow up with minimal manpower using email automation.
    • Generate sales reports for better visibility into your leads.
    • Sell more condos and townhomes faster with easier lead management and segmentation.
    • Keep track of available inventory and customer contracts.

    Clients that use Lasso’s processes see up to a 316% increase in lead conversions. Find out how Lasso CRM can help you.

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    Stay Connected from Contract to Closing

    Manage leads for all your projects in one CRM.

    Capture Pre-Launch Leads – from Every Source

    • Your website, BuzzBuzzHome, Zillow, New Homes Directory, BDX and more.
    • Build Your REALTOR® database first to reach exponentially more leads.
    • Carry over buyers and prospects from one project to the next

    Let Your CRM do the Work

    • Create automatic sales and marketing processes to convert more leads to sales.
    • Follow up with every pre-sale lead with minimal manpower.
    • Evaluate interest level through email opens and website analytics.

    Sell Faster

    • Segment lists and target groups with relevant information.
    • Tap into your interest list for the next community launch.
    • Drive action through CRM data. Details make a difference.

    Inventory and Contract Management

    • Keep track of inventory availability
    • Generate contracts automatically with your customer's information filled in.
    • Manage every step of the purchase process.
    • Track deposit amounts and payments scheduled without the need for any extra accounting software.

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    Who is Using Lasso CRM?

    Lasso CRM is used by developers and marketing agencies to sell condos and townhomes faster. Get organized and stay connected with your prospects and clients.