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    Lasso Webinar: A Disciplined Approach to Sales

    Categories: Webinars | September 11, 2017
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    A Disciplined Approach to Sales

    What we can learn from high-performance athletes

    Athletes may prefer Gatorade over coffee, but there are definite similarities between training for a race and honing your sales skills.

    On Thursday, Sept. 21, we are thrilled to welcome Olympic marathon runner Dylan Wykes to the Lasso Webinar series. He, along with Lasso’s VP of Sales, Dave Betcher, will discuss 5 important lessons sales professional can take from high-performance athletes, including:

    Dylan Wykes

    Dylan Wykes

    1) The importance of a coach: there’s a reason why people hire personal trainers to help them at the gym. A coach keeps us accountable and on track when it’s tempting to veer off-track.

    2) Visualize Success: the thrill of the game/victory

    3) Habit forming: developing self-discipline

    4) The importance of balance: it’s not about massive changes, but rather consistent effort.

    5) Maximizing what we’ve been given: natural talent vs hard work, environment and equipment.

    Dave Betcher

    Dave Betcher

    Dylan competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games and is currently the 2nd fastest marathoner on the Canadian all-time list. Dave is an avid runner who has completed three marathons and countless half marathons. He is a member of the Mile2Marathon Running Club, which Dylan coaches.

    Please join us Sept. 21 for this 30-minute power webinar and take your sales game to new heights!

    Register here for the recorded webinar.


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    Thais Cuffy

    2 Responses to “Lasso Webinar: A Disciplined Approach to Sales”

    1. Sharon Curdy Says:

      Is this webinar available online to listen to now?

    2. Thais Cuffy Says:

      Yes it is! You can register here for the recording: http://www.lassocrm.com/a-disciplined-approach-to-sales. I will also email you a direct link to the recording in the Lasso Help Files. Thanks!

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